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Improve Your Business with Corporate Gifts!
10.29.14 (7:34 am)   [edit]

Gift offering is not just for personal reasons. Now companies get ahead by leaps and bounds when they broaden their business making use of corporate gift services. And here are some popular ways they add gifts to their biz mix.

If you want your gifts to stand out from all the other boring clients and employees receive around the holidays you’ll need to be certain that your gifts are impressive. Your local gift consultant/designer can assist you and plan well in advance with branded pen and pencil sets such as cross pens engraved from Acclaim Products . Exceptional quality never goes out of style for the holidays and the same type of gift can be inserted inside holiday newsletters and thank you cards as gifts for your most valued clients. Let’s face it, in most businesses clients are rarely one-off and the opportunity to acquire add-on business from happy clients is highly probable so even investing $100 or more for a client appreciation gift makes a lot of sense.

Here are some other ideas:

 Occasion Gifts-- Trade convention, workshops, workshops and other essential business events are exceptional places to increase business with corporate gifts. Offer presents as fundraising events, awards and door prizes at your occasions and make sure all marketing, sales and other advertising materials are well branded so that shoppers can reach out and discover you.

Economical Thank You Gifts-- Presents for customer and employee recognition, staff member acknowledgment and gratitude don’t have to break the corporate budget. Many gifts can be found that have the look and feel of high luxury but a low budget price tag some additional ideas can be found here


Themed or Custom-made Present—Make sure you think about this.  Having a style in mind can enable allow semi-custom bulk purchases that can then be customized for  specific events and situations.